Learn to let go of DESPAIR, helplessness and anger while increasing peace, hope and joy


The Mindful Forgiveness Workshops are based on the Forgive for Good process created by Dr. Fred Luskin.



Find out how mindfulness will benefit and enhance your life. Learn simple yet effective methods to use in daily practice to change your life. 

The Benefits

WHat is forgiveness

Are you angry or filled with despair? Are you blaming your past for a sad life? Learning to forgive is a skill and the more you practice the more peace you can have.

About the workshop

Practice Mindfulness

Ready to make a change? You can start your own mindfulness practice now and better support the youth in your life who display challenging behaviors.

Work With JoYi

7 steps to forgiveness

Join a workshop and learn to practice the 7 steps to forgiveness in a small group setting. Learn to listen with intention to  yourself and others in this healing process.

Work with joyi

Mindful Thoughts: Blog Posts

The most memorable people in your life will be the ones who loved you when you were not very lovable. Remember this and return the favor.
— MarcAndAngel.com